The Complete Guide to Purchasing A Hookah

The hookah originated in the 15th century, and it is now a well-liked pastime all over the world. More than merely a recreational activity, hookah has long ingrained in many different ethnic traditions. Shisha is the name of the tobacco used in hookah. Shisha was enjoyed with a touch of sour spices and herbs and soaked in thick molasses. Even though current hookahs are made with totally different contents, smoking them is still very common. Today, hookah lounges can be found in all of the nation’s main cities. Folks would like to immerse themselves in the hookah lifestyle and experience it in the convenience of their own homes because it is so widespread there. Here is some advice you should read before purchasing a hookah.

The Hookah Component

Some hookah specialists claim that solid brass pipes are the best. These are indeed the longest-lasting, highly durable pipes that are now on the market. They never dissolve; they only corrode. Brass pipes have the drawback of needing constant polishing to maintain their shine and cleanliness. Some people want protection from oxidation combined with bronze or copper. Contrarily, stainless steel has some downsides.

The use of premium stainless is an aspect that rarely manufacturers do. Nickel is often applied to the exterior only on the surface and only a little amount of hardened steel is applied. On the interior, corrosion and rust still pose a risk. Hookahs are made in this way by even well-known makers. Most contemporary hookah manufacturers take great care; polishing  the bodywork and the stem.

How Tall Should a Shisha Be?

The best hookah level to choose mostly depends on personal preference. Experienced hookah lovers like pipes that are somewhere around 28 and 32 inches in length. This height band strikes an excellent balance between effectiveness and portability. On the flip side, someone who intends to go camping or tour often could want a lighter hookah. On either part, someone who wishes to vape on their deck could pick a really height hookah that may be placed on the ground next to a top table.

Height does affect performance. A bigger pitcher and stem will retain and release extra smoke during inhalation. Not that miniature hookahs aren’t fun to smoke.

The Hoses For Hookahs

Hookahs seem to be the perfect party accessory. Numerous piping hookahs aren’t what they seem to be, despite their look. The performance decreases and hookah smoking becomes more challenging as the number of hoses increases.

They are so difficult to control because every person with a hose in their palm must cover the nozzle whenever they are not puffing. The smoker won’t be able to extract the vapors if a hose nozzle is not covered.

Luckily, there are solutions for all of the hose problems. The majority of hose pipe authenticated users come with silicone covers which allow it simple to reduce them to a single tip. A more recent hookah that has a fitted check valve is another option that is stress-free to routine.

What materials are used in hookah coals?

Although several materials can be used to make hookah coals, including citrus trees and bamboo, coconut coals are the most common.

Hookahs that encourage speedy lighting are generally made of coal dust with additional sulphur or another component. The coconut coals, however, are the top of the line for shisha enthusiasts because they are comprised of natural components. The Prolonged version continues to burn more than the regular and has a less lingering foul scent.

Due to the absence of additional chemicals, it is considerably healthier.


It’s not as difficult to buy a hookah as you would believe. Although you don’t need a sophisticated or expensive hookah pipe to enjoy a decent session, there are a few factors you should take into account before making a purchase. For instance, there are classic and modern varieties of pipes.

Old-fashioned hookah pipes

Don’t be fooled by the fact that traditional hookah pipes are typically more affordable; they are made to last and, with proper maintenance, will last you a lifetime! The majority of traditional pipes have the following features:

  • They are constructed of a single component.
  • Brass, copper, or stainless steel make up the element (or a blend of those 3)
  • There aren’t many bells and whistles on them.
  • They have a more constrained draw and purge.
  • Most are between medium and tall in height.

Present Day Hookah Pipes

Recent hookah pipes are typically the most costly of the two. Additionally, they have a unique set of characteristics that help people recognize them:

  • They can be divided into numerous sections.
  • They are constructed of aluminium or premium steel.
  • They frequently use distinct purging techniques.
  • Many have diffusers that minimize noise and discontinuity of bubbles.
  • They have an easier-to-use purge and a more vulnerable appeal.
  • Typically tiny or low in height

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