Reasons Why Your Disposable Vape Smells Burnt—How to Fix?

A sustainable vape business requires building a dedicated and committed vapers’ community. To source, the best disposable vape store in Fontana should be made easy for vapers all across California. Ensuring a smooth and hassle-free vaping business also requires educating the vapers on vaping best practices. It also requires that vapers be able to easily locate, discover, and identify cheap disposable vape shops in the USA.

Yes, there is no dearth of retail vape shops in Fontana, CA. But finding the best disposable vape store in Fontana isn’t all that vapers need to do. It’s also a must that vapers make an informed decision when buying disposable vapes and use them following the best practices.

A common ailment that even seasoned vapers encounter is smelling burnt taste from their disposable vape. It’s in the best interest of vape businesses to educate their customers on how to best enjoy their vapes.

Vape pens feel burnt, but there’s a way out. Disposable vapes drastically induce immense fun in relishing nicotine products with no tension of smell or taste. Still, taste burns are a reality, but there are ways to enjoy vaping without falling prey to burning smells while vaping.

Long drags of vapes might make you gasp and choke on a hit which leaves you feeling a burning smell in taste. Such burnt hits are a common phenomenon and are not healthy at all, should at best be avoided.

If you vape on a regular basis, make it a point to discuss at the retail vape shop in Fontana, CA, how to rightly use a disposable vape device.

Let’s discuss the reasons and causes that make your vapes smell burnt. In doing so, we would also discuss easy-to-follow solutions to lower the burnt taste in vape pens.

Burns and Types of Hits

Irrespective of the device type used by you for vaping, a burnt taste from you vape could still emanate time and again. The reason is that the burnt vapor might tend to spread around the rear part of your throat, developing a cough.

But first, it’s vital to clearly decipher burnt hit and dry hit. A dry hit is a result of the wick turning dry, leaving insufficient juice left with the wire coil to develop enough vapor.

The flavor in dry hits is minimal, so also is vapor production, compared to regular hits. A dry hit might taste bad or impact your throat, simply because the hit is hot, with a fusion of dry air in you vape. Dry hits are signals that the coil is about to get burnt.

In burnt vape hits, the vape device is first fired-up with an anticipation of a smooth and fulfilling flavored nicotine hit. But what is actually felt is a choking pain in the lungs with a burnt taste in your mouth.

How to Identify a Burnt Coil?

A burnt hit can at best be identified if you are having a cough-like, spitting bad taste in your mouth. But when a coil finally depreciates with burnt cotton, it’s better to dispose of it to place a fresh coil in your device. Simply recognize if a coil is degrading the vapor quality and flavor altogether. A fall in the produced vapor volume on your device also signals a burnt coil.

Causes of a Burnt Taste from Your Disposable Vapes

A burnt taste in a disposable vape can occur for various reasons. A common reason is the usage of cannabis oil or wax as against propylene glycol (PG). Doing so makes the straw attract heat in an instant, causing the liquid to attract fire. Using old or low-quality vape pens might also make your disposable vape give a burnt taste. So, instead of producing enough vapor, the liquid inside starts burning.

In case your disposable vape pen battery gets damaged or starts leaking liquid, it could also lead to a burning smell, you can check your battery to make sure it’s in the right place. Storing your vape pen properly is also vital. Ensuring your vape device is cool prior to using it is a must. Do make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or heat emanating equipment.

Primary burnt hit reasons include lack of juice, high wattage, chain vaping, high PG or VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquid vaping, and a lack of coil priming. Let’s briefly examine each of these:

A lack of juice

A common reason for burnt hits, insufficient juice in your tank results in your coil not getting soaked. Even if the tank is somewhat filled, the burnt hit might still take place.

High wattage

It is better to keep your vaping device operating well within its wattage limits to ensure your coils don’t end-up catching burns. The wattage limits set by the manufacturer, if respected, would make the juice cook-off the coil in consonance with the resupply from the tank. Doing so would not result in a cotton combustion, thereby preventing hits that might give a nasty and burnt taste.

Chain Vaping

Vaping multiple hits back-to-back is referred to as “chain vaping,” which can expedite your coils to get dry early, leading to burns.

High VG e-liquid vaping

PG and VG, having varied qualities and utilities, are vaping ingredients acting as e-liquids’ base. VG to PG ratios in their juices tend to differ for vapers. While PG can transport flavors better as compared to VG, the clouds it offers are pretty petite, whilst also being harsher on the throat.

VG is pretty thick compared to PG. When the VG juices are high in non-supported sub-ohm vaping devices, the risk of burnt hits exists. The VG is too sticky to resupply the coils in vapes that are not accordingly designed.

A lack of coil priming

Before using your vape, allowing the e-liquid to saturate your coils’ cotton fully is required. Vaping immediately following a coil change usually leads to burnt hits. More so when new coils are used, since they arrive bone dry in their package. If coil priming is done well, it ensures that there is enough juice in the wick before vaping commencement. In refillable pods, better prime the whole pod.

Eliminating and Avoiding Burnt Smell in Disposable Vapes

As stated above, burnt hits can be avoided if new coils are duly primed prior to fire them up. To ensure coil priming, ensure saturation of your coil and wick with enough e-liquid prior to firing the atomizer. Coil priming is device type specific.

Replaceable coils’ priming process for tank-type vapes is mostly identical. Simply take away the coil from the foil packaging. Then, fill the wick from the holes directly with some juice. Do tank assembling, fill the juice e-liquid, and close the tank.

Fill the preferred juice in you vape pod. Leave the pod as it is for ten minutes at least. Smoke some drags from the pod with no battery. Doing so would attract extra juice from the pod, towards the coil, to safeguard from dry or burnt hits. Use the right VG-to-PG ratio for your device to avoid dry hits.


Consider discussing and adhering to manufacturer-recommended best vaping practices when scouting for a retail vape shop in Fontana, CA. In an attempt to buy cheap disposable vape shops in the USA, don’t end up sacrificing the best vape usage practices.

The vape “mouth to lung” (MTL) or “direct to lung” (DTL) factor is a determinant of changing your coil. A water filtration system is advised to safeguard from chlorine to eliminate a burning taste. Ensure your coil is clean with no debris. Keep a 10 to 20 seconds pause between puffs to give the atomizer enough time for liquid absorption. We hope to have offered enough clarity as to why a burnt smell comes from your disposable vape. It will now be easy for you to make an informed decision on finding the best disposable vape store in Fontana.

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